Make your own flower lantern for GLOW.

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Create your own lantern.


Children can make a lantern from used materials and take it to Glow event on Monday the 8th of NovemberThere the children will surround an enormous human footprint with their lanterns, which will be filmed from the air, for The Klokhuis program to visualize the size of the footprint.

What do you need?

Plastic bags
Tip: use nice bright colors.

Rope, scissors, pen and optionally adhesive tape

transparent plastic bottle with screw cap

Plastic material
to make your lantern even more beautiful.
Think: fruit-net, ribbon
& packing material

Extra bottles
You can make more lanterns from this,
but you can also cut them open
and use it for your lantern

GLOW lantern step-by-step

1. Use the cap of the bottle to draw a circle.

2. Draw the petals.

3. Cut out the petals.

4. Cut the opening. Tip, fold your flower in half. This cuts much easier!

5. Make big and small petals, make the biggest big enough to cover the bottle.

6. Put the petals around the bottle.

7. Work in layers from large to small.

8. Put the end of a piece of string in the bottle

9. Twist the cap on the bottle. Make sure that on each side of the cap is a string, otherwise, your lantern will hang crooked.

10. Cut an opening for the light in your lantern.

11. Put your light in the lantern. You can choose different types to use as lighting, a flashlight, a bicycle light, a telephone…Which one do you choose?

12. Your flower lantern is ready!

Download step-by-step plan