17 May 2022, 18.40 on Zapp
Het Klokhuis | The Dutch Carbon Footprint

On May 17, Het Klokhuis broadcasts the event to which more than 2000 children from Eindhoven area contributed.
Om te leven heeft iedereen een stukje van de aarde nodig: landbouwgrond voor je groente, katoen voor je kleding, bomen voor hout. Het stuk land dat één persoon nodig heeft om een jaar te leven, noem je je ecologische voetafdruk. De voetafdruk van een Nederlander is behoorlijk groot. Ongeveer zo groot als Strijp-T in Eindhoven. Op maandag 8 november 2021 liep GLOW met alle kinderen deze huidige ecologische footprint met hun zelfgemaakte bloemlantaarns van afval! Het Klokhuis maakte een reportage. Vergeet niet te kijken!

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The Dutch Foot print

Het Klokhuis, GLOW, and Hugo Vrijdag wanted to show children in a clear and visual way what our influence is on the earth with the project The Dutch Footprint. Each of us consumes a piece of the earth. We need it for our food, the raw materials for our possessions and to absorb our Co2. We call this “ The Footprint “ With this artwork created by light, our children showed that the footprint we create is three times too large. The Netherlands consumes too much of Earth’s resources. To demonstrate this, the children of Eindhoven walked a route that covers 5 hectares. That is how large the footprint of the average Dutch person is. The size should actually be 1.6 hectares, just as big as the sea of flowers that is projected on the Ketelhuisplein during GLOW. We have 1 Earth. And we all have to take care of it in the best way we can. We only have 1 earth. And we all have to be careful with it.

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Impression of the children on Monday, November 8, 2021

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Inside this print, artist Hugo Vrijdag projects a valley of flowers the size of the footprint as it should be. In this way, we present the ambition for a sustainable future together. An ambition that particularly concerns children. After all, we all share the earth; the future, especially with our children. We have invited a number of groups 7 and 8 and secondary education to participate in the projection for the Ketelhuisplein. You can already see these flower collages here in the gallery! Enjoy these works of art and come to see live during GLOW!